Our successes

Some of the transactions we have been involved in include:

● Advising several leading global telecommunications companies on the laws and regulations affecting cloud computing and cloud technology in Kenya.

● Advising a regional technology company on technology infrastructure and data protection laws in Africa.

● Advising a leading financial technology corporation on adoption of innovative solutions and strategic partnerships.

● Advising several multinational companies on adoption of cloud services in the health sector.

● Advising a leading global internet service provider company on provision of over the top services, online advertising, provision of online services to children, intermediary liability, ethics and corruption laws and compliance with local laws.

● Advising a large corporation on commercialization of dark fiber.

● Advising a leading bank on negotiation and implementation of provision of core banking systems.

● Advising various technology companies on setting up business in Kenya, licenses acquisitions, engagement with regulators and legal compliance.

● Advising one of Kenya’s leading Telecommunications Company and provided External Legal and Compliance Legal Audit Services.

● Providing a range of legal advisory services to leading telecommunications service providers in Kenya such as the development of a regulatory framework for Rideshare Technology Services based in Nairobi, particularly with regard to telecommunications law and ICT sector regulation.

● Advising a leading global rideshare company on establishment of services in Kenya and compliance with national and county laws.

● Advising a leading mobile network operator on data protection laws, compliance with international best practices and drafting of the company’s data protection and retention policies.

● Advising a leading manufacturing company on trademarks disputes, industrial designs and patents.

● Registration of Copyright and Trademarks for various companies in Kenya and internationally.

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Some of the transactions we have been involved in include:

● Advising a regional fintech solutions company on a corporate merger and restructuring and competition issues presented through the successful merger.

● Advising on Competition law and regulation in the acquisition of two of Kenya’s biggest radio stations by a major media house and was responsible for competition law advisory and support, drafting of project agreements and contracts, completion of ownership and obtaining clearance from the Competition Authority of Kenya.

● Advising a growing technology service provider on reorganization, competition and obtaining clearance from the Competition Authority of Kenya.

● Negotiation and drafting of complex commercial agreements.

● Providing high level legal and regulatory advice on various transaction agreements as well as providing legal expertise on various projects in the development of Konza Techno City.

● Providing business support for both start-ups and established companies including employment laws, agreements and contract management, regulatory compliance.

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Some of the major cases we have handled include:

● Representing a leading telecommunication company in a claim infringement of copyright against intermediary internet service providers.

● Represented a leading telecommunication company in a dispute on interconnection between an international class service provider and local mobile network operators and the Regulator, the Communications Authority.

● Represented a leading global internet services provider in a request for provision of communication data of a user by a regulatory authority in Kenya.

● Representing a leading content aggregator in a dispute on online trademark infringement.

● Representing different leading aircraft leasing companies in disputes on aircraft lease fees, disputed lease fees and completion of sale of aircraft before the courts and in Arbitration.

● Representing a large government corporation in a tax dispute at the Tax Disputes Tribunal.

● Representation in a dispute on the operating environment on the oil distribution industry before the Energy Regulatory Commission and in Arbitration.

● Advising and representing clients in Employment Disputes.

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