Data Protection

We help clients across a wide range of industries, jurisdictions, and stages of growth, navigate data protection issues throughout the data lifecycle. We frequently advise clients on compliance with laws such as Kenya’s Data Protection Act, 2019, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other relevant Data Protection Laws.

We have worked with multiple clients to develop privacy plans and operating procedures for compliance with regulatory requirements — whether that involves guiding them through the registration as a data controller or data processor with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner in Kenya; conducting data protection impact assessments; drafting internal and external documents; facilitating staff awareness; or managing instances of data breach.

We are innovative in our approach and have launched an internal compliance assessment tool, to help our clients assess their regulatory status, evaluate their compliance and identify areas they need to address.

By providing a few details about the company, we can provide privacy policies within 24 hours for an organisation to adopt and use in their company in order to comply with local and international laws on privacy and data protection.

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